Basic Functions
  1. Specialized test for Axial, SMD, TO/ITO package type.
  2. Electrical Testing: Forward :VF、VFS、DVF
  3. Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation.
  4. Can choose 12 different kinds of package type for test.
  5. Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.
Special Functions
  1. Maximum forward current can reach to 400A \ 8V.
  2. Optional computer for statics analysis.
Simple Test Specification
IFS 400A
VFS 8000mV
IFM 800mA
DVF 8000mV
Product Specification
Tester Dimensions 48.5(W)*52(L)*38(H)cm
Tester Weight 28.06kg
Power Dimensions 48.5(W)*52(L)*22(H)cm
Power Weight 20.58kg
Operating Voltage Single Phase 110/220V
Peak Electrode Current 30A