Light Bar Image Test System
Suitable Materials
  1. Top View LED Light Bar
  2. Side View LED Light Bar
  3. Max. length 26 inches for Light Bar.
  4. Max. 32 sets of test modules (when materials can be tested in concurrent condition).
Basic Functions
  1. Electrical Testing: Forward:VF
  2. Optical Testing: can test LOP in cd/mcd/W/mW/lm... from different optical components
                   Wavelength λp,λd,hw,purity,(x,y),CCT
  3. Display test overview of each Light Bar.
  4. Real-time display test value.
  5. Real-time display Histogram and CIE (x,y) distribution.
  6. Brightness and x,y (4-point range) identification and statics according to test result.
Special Functions
  1. Convenient feeding design. Customized Tray plates in different requested materials.
  2. Unique construction design. More accurate light collection.
  3. CCD image automatic positioning.
  4. Measure LED deflection angle on Light Bar from displayed images. Can set up the angel limit to pick up skew LED.
  5. Flexible authority management interface and convenient management functions.
  6. Easy operation. Operation on one key only. Avoid operation mistakes.
Simple Test Specification
  Light Bar Image Test System
VF 50V
IZ 1000µA
VR 200V
Product Specification
Dimensions 200(W)*90(L)*180(H)cm
Operating Voltage Single Phase 110/220V