LED Temperature Control Test System
Basic Functions
  1. Measure the changes of LED component temperature versus electrical property and optical through heating and cooling controlled by Temperature Control Test System. Real-time display LED property curves.
  2. Temperature Control Test System has the function of thermal resistance test (TJ, Rth).
  3. Temperature Control Test System has 3 temperature test points (Tc, Ts, Ta).
Special Functions
  1. Proceed automatic step scanning measurement according to set temperature and current conditions.
  2. Method of calculate LED component temperature: (1) K-factor calculation; (2) Pulse mode measurement.
  3. Control LED optical properties test to proceed in specified TJ temperature.
  4. Can be used as stable temperature platform.
  5. Customized Temperature Control Test System fixtures.
Simple Test Specification
Temperature range 10~100℃
Load power 3W
IZ 1000µA
VR 200V