Goniophotometer for Luminaire
Basic Functions
  1. 1. Light beam angle measurement.
  2. 2. Light luminous intensity and wave length measurement.
  3. 3. Test data collection and perspective diagram drawing.
Special Functions
  1. 1. Characteristics of different angle measurement.
  2. 2. Measurements of different kinds of lights are supported.
  3. 3. Output IES light distribution curve file.
  4. 4. Two-axes mechanism led omni-scan test.
  5. 5. Easy operated software.

    * Light distribution curve set includes: body component x 2, test machines x 1, industrial computer x 1, power supply x 1
Simple Test Specification
  Simple Test Specification
IF 5000mA
VF 50V
IZ 1000µA
VR 200V
Product Specification
  body component Tester
Dimensions 370(W)*100(L)*150(H)cm 48.5(W)*52(L)*22(H)cm
Operating Voltage Single Phase 220V Single Phase 110V/220V
Power 2200W 171.6W