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Light Distribution measurement system for LED die
Basic Functions
  1. 360°rotate perspective die scanning.
  2. 0.36° as the smallest test step unit.
  3. Conjunction with LED tester for electrical and optical parts test.
  4. Test data collection and perspective diagram drawing.
  5. Support 4 sets of probe socket (standard equipment with 2 sets of probe sockets)
  6. Clip structure. Easy for die positioning.
Special Functions
  1. Minimum output 0.1μA from forward current.
  2. Programmable motor tests the characteristics of different die angles.
  3. Can measure separately the Power Angle and area of a 180°upper and lower semicircle.
  4. Support die size: 0.1mm*0.1mm~6mm*6mm
  5. Easy operated software.
Simple Test Specification
IF 400mA
IZ 1000µA
VR 200V
Product Specification
Tester Dimensions 70(W)*70(L)*150(H)cm
Tester Weight 220kg
Operating Voltage Single Phase 220V
Power 2200W