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Three Crystal Packing Tester
  1. LED-503 is a three crystal packing tester. It can be utilized in electrical and optical test.
  2. Individual LED can be tested individually. Test result will be PASS (GO) or Fail (NG).
  3. Electrical Testing: Forward:VFVF
  4. Optical Testing: Wavelength λp,λd,λc,hw,purity,(x,y)
  5. Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation.
  6. Auto polarity identification and preheat function.
  7. Provide OPEN\SHORT count.
  8. Compatible mechanical interface.
  9. Connected with computer for measurement data collection.
Simple Test Specification
IF 200mA
VF 10V
IZ 200mA
VR 10V
Product Specification
Tester Dimensions 25(W)*37(L)*36(H)cm
Tester Weight 13.2kg
Operating Voltage Single Phase 110V/220V
Power 52.8W